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Ashvini Pandian


Ashvini began dancing ballet at age 12, and never really stopped. She is a New Zealand, Malaysian and Danish-trained ballet, contemporary and latin dancer who loves the social floor as much as the stage. Having performed in four continents, she has a relentless passion for dance and travel, and is rarely found far from a dance studio.

A recent addition to Ottawa, Ashvini loves exploring new styles and empowering others to have fun with dance.


technique   |   choreography  |   flexibility  |   performance & competition training

Coming from a ballet background, Ashvini inadvertently stumbled into salsa and was immediately hooked by the music and freedom of expression. She started as a social salsa dancer and moved into performance and competition dancing shortly after, loving every moment on stage as well as on the social floor! Reach out to Ashvini for help with dance technique, choreography, and performance or competition training.