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Who’s (Really) Killing the Salsa Scene?

by Ana Gherasim There’s a blog article that’s been making the rounds of the salsa community in the last couple of days. It’s called “Why “Social” dancers are killing Salsa” and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. I read through most of that article periodically going,


How to get the most out of dance workshops

by Jeff Huang Unlike normal group lessons, Salsa congress workshops are usually one-time, high level classes that focus on a special topic -  styling, complex combinations, footwork etc. Workshops are golden opportunities to learn from out-of-town instructors, and to take away something new and different you might


How to avoid dance injuries

by Jeff Huang Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, most of us get injured at some point during our dance career - it's just the nature of any physical activity. Recently, I have seen more and more people joining the injury roster, and I believe now


How to be a good salsa lead

by Jeff Huang To salsa leaders, there has always been an unspoken expectation to "entertain" the follower. This is understandably stressful for beginner dancers, though not always for the right reasons; a number of beginners have shared with me that they don't have enough moves to


Beat-Train Your Brain

by Ana Gherasim “Feel” the music, they say. “Just let it move you”, they say. Musicians, or those with musical training, have a great advantage when starting to learn salsa (or any other dance, really): their brains have been trained to understand, hear and follow the beat


Buying dance shoes online

Let's be honest: we don't just buy dance shoes for their function - the more you dance, the more you want your shoes to show off both your skill and your style. And in a city with a somewhat limited dance shoe supply, online shopping


Surviving Fast Songs

by Jeff Huang We've all been there before - sitting on the side of the dance floor, waiting for a good song, and secretly cursing the DJ for playing nothing but crazy-fast salsa. Even worse is when a song starts out slow, lulls you into grabbing a