Welcome to Azucar!


Jeff Huang


Jeff is passionate about music, dance, and horrible, horrible puns. He started dancing Latin street dances (salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha cha) in 2005 and has not stopped since – learning from many wonderful and talented instructors across Canada as well as across the globe. This has made Jeff a well rounded teacher with an eye for detail, while his easy going attitude makes everybody feels welcome at the studio.

Jeff is extremely dedicated to his students, believing that they are the true heart of the company. He hopes to create a loving community where everyone can learn and laugh together, and share their love of dance.


beginner salsa   |   beginner bachata   |   musicality   |   wedding dances

Jeff is known for his patience, his humour, and his ability to speak and write in third person. His focus on creativity and technicality in class ensures that his students can use what they’ve learned immediately out on the dance floor. From beginner to advanced dancers, Jeff is the person to call if you want to challenge yourself and reach new heights!