Looks like you found our secret hideout. We weren't sure what to put here, so here's a Jeff joke:

What did the pirate say when he turned 80?
"Aye Matey"

(say it out loud.)


Our New Online Home

Our New Online Home

After lots of planning, research, trials, tweaks and some very colourful language when things went wrong, we’re proud to welcome you to our new online home.

Please have a look around, and tell us what you think! We grow from your feedback and would love to hear how we can make our site even better for you.


You might have noticed that our online store has changed a bit. It is now powered by Square (the same system we use to process payments in person) and we hope it proves much simpler to use and less prone to errors and other headaches that take the fun out of signing up for dance classes.


You might have noticed our blog has been awfully quiet for the last.. ahem. Well, anyway, with this new site we’re hoping to clean up this blog as well. You can look forward to seeing updated articles on some of our most popular topics, as well as new content on a more regular basis.

That’s it for now. Happy reading, and see you on the dance floor!