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Private dance classes are a great way to take your dancing to the next level, learn a new dance style or begin dancing for the first time.

Whether you are looking to tweak your technique, develop your personal style, learn a choreography or just try something new, we are here to make you the star of the dance floor!

Check out our instructor profiles for our areas of expertise, the contact your preferred instructor directly for availability and pricing.



Ana has a knack for breaking down patterns and figuring out why a move didn’t quite turn out right. If your moves or technique are in need of “troubleshooting”, or if you’d like help breaking down a particularly challenging footwork or partnering pattern, she’s probably the instructor for you. Her second love is encouraging dancers to find their own style, through practice and self-awareness.

salsa | bachata | styling | choreography

Ana also loves wedding dances.



Jeff is known for his patience, his humour, and his ability to speak and write in third person. His focus on creativity and technicality in class ensures that his students can use what they’ve learned immediately out on the dance floor. From beginner to advanced dancers, Jeff is the person to call if you want to challenge yourself and reach new heights!

salsa | cha-cha | bachata

Jeff also loves wedding dances.



Coming from a ballet background, Ashvini inadvertently stumbled into salsa and was immediately hooked by the music and freedom of expression. She started as a social salsa dancer and moved into performance and competition dancing shortly after, loving every moment on stage as well as on the social floor! Reach out to Ashvini for help with dance technique, choreography, and performance or competition training.

salsa | cha-cha | bachata | choreography