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We are Ottawa’s favourite Latin dance school specializing in New York style salsa on 2 as well as bachata.

Since our opening in 2012, our mission has been to bring the energy, passion and joy of Latin social dances to Ottawa and get you dancing to the music in your heart.

We’re excited for you to join us and can’t wait to see you go from the studio to the dance floor!

Get Expert Instruction

We take the skill of teaching as seriously as we take our dance training, and we know “just do what I do” won’t cut it!

We understand that instruction needs and learning styles vary widely. We tailor our classes accordingly and we’re always looking to get better as teachers and as dancers.

Bring your body and your spirit; we’ll teach them both to dance!

Hit the Dance Floor

We’re here to support you throughout your dance journey, from the studio to the dance floor – and even to the stage!

In addition to class time, you will get access to practice socials, class videos, music playlists and other resources that will support your dance practice.

Share your dance goals with us; we’ll be there every step of the way!

Find Your Tribe

We are a friendly community of dancers looking to learn together, support each other, and have lots of fun doing it!

Once you join our community you can meet other dancers, make new friends, come out dancing with us, and discover Ottawa’s fun and welcoming Latin dance community.

Join our Azucar! Family and let’s get to know each other!


Ana is the owner and founder of Azucar, as well as our definitive proof that anyone can learn to dance. Discouraged from pursuing dance from a young age, she grew up convinced that she had two left feet. She (slowly) took up salsa in 2008, fell in love with social dancing, and never looked back. She loves deepening her salsa and bachata skills in equal measure, as well as exploring new dance styles.

A lifelong learner and educator, Ana is passionate about the pedagogy of dance and is always looking for ways to tweak and improve her own teaching as well as Azucar’s teaching style and philosophy.

Private Classes

Ana has a knack for breaking down patterns and figuring out why a move didn’t quite turn out right. If your moves or technique are in need of “troubleshooting”, or if you’d like help breaking down a particularly challenging footwork or partnering pattern, she’s probably the instructor for you. Her second love is encouraging dancers to find their own style and body movement, through practice and self-awareness.

For availability and pricing of private classes, click here.

Paige has explored a variety of dances – from ballroom to burlesque – but it was Latin street styles that stole her heart. While she enjoys performing and competing in salsa and bachata, the social floor is where she feels most at home.

Paige is passionate about community-building and is always looking for ways to make her classes, and the Ottawa dance scene, more welcoming and inclusive. She also loves promoting all the benefits she has experienced since becoming a dancer – more confidence, new friends, better posture, and a ton of sparkly shoes.

Private Classes

Paige is skilled at breaking down complex concepts and making them simple. She enjoys the challenge of adapting her teaching style to the needs of her students and can find a relatable analogy for just about anything. Paige is happy to help you catch up on any group classes you’ve missed or take a deeper dive into any moves that are giving you trouble.

For availability and pricing of private classes, contact Paige.



Talek began dancing in his early 20’s in Kingston. He took lessons from anywhere he could and the more he learned, the more he discovered his new passion in life. Having no prior dance experience proved challenging. It wasn’t until he moved to Ottawa that he overcame that challenge by exposing himself to a new level of dancing.

Today, Talek can be found performing on stage, social dancing (his favorite thing to do) and continuing to try and best himself. Talek is thrilled to now be able to share his passion in the classroom and help give back to the Latin dance scene in Ottawa.

Talek is teaching at Azucar on a volunteer basis and receives no financial compensation for dance instruction.



Stéphane started dancing in 2015 and felt an immediate connection and sense of belonging in the Latin dance community in Ottawa. He started out in salsa but quickly fell in love with bachata, and went on to perform and compete with both team choreographies and improvised partner dancing.

Stéphane is especially passionate about social dancing, and is known for his playful style and sense of humour. He truly believes that anyone can learn to dance, and he works to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun in his classes.

Private Classes

With over 20 years of experience teaching martial arts and fitness classes, Stéphane is no stranger to body mechanics. Whether you are a beginner looking to build a strong foundation, or a more experienced dancer working on the finer details, he can give you pointers to improve both technique and creative expression.

For availability and pricing of private classes, contact Stephane.


Do you have a general question about our classes, our team, our policies or anything else dance-related?

Email us! We’d love to hear from you and we do our best to answer you within 24 hours.